Thursday, December 17, 2009

{custom order: for Katie}

Here's another Custom Order I finished. Christmas is nearing so the buyer must remain anonymous! {I never know who might be reading this blog!} The buyer wanted a bag for her ______ to carry lotions and other liquid products in. The inside is wipe-able {wipeable?} and it's beach-themed. Or, as Gussy calls it: mucho mega relaxing to look at :)

I am now caught-up with my Custom Orders. For 2010, I'll be accepting 3/month. January is booked and I have one commitment for March. A little random, but Gussy likes random things :)


I know I am a broken record on this, but it's just so true! I've got a huge itch to be sewing with my new Heather Bailey fabrics. The big question: What do I make with them?! If you have an opinion {aka: suggestion} be sure to leave a comment. Hah!

Now that the year is winding down and tomorrow is my last shipping day {**place your order by TONIGHT if you want your Gussy item mailed this year**} I have more free time than I ever imagined. I've been so used to working full-time elsewhere, then coming home to sew/Gussy full time in the evening... What am I supposed to do with this down-time as I relax before the Holidays?!

Duh. Just do some light sewing. I can't stop. It's like an addiction. Or a mom telling herself to not be a mom for a week. Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Impossible I tell you.

*My shop will still be open while we are gone, but all orders placed tomorrow morning through Monday, January 4 will be mailed on Tuesday, January 5.


Meg said...

Hummmm, let's see...Oh I know, you could make a really "Gussied Up" knitting bag with that new Heather Bailey fabric of yours with a special place to put your needles...Hey, I'm just throwing it out there!
I can wait for my turn to place my custom order I guess.

(0; Meg

Annie said...

I'd make some kicking throw pillows with some fab ruffles - for sure!

Amanda said...

Could there be such a thing as a Gussy hairband? You know, the wide fabric kind? Or maybe for little ones? My Baby Maggie would look darling in a headband with a ruffle along the top and a button for some oomph. (I'm already dreaming.)

Kitty said...

love the color combo on this one!

Chelsey B. said...

I think the throw pillows that were mentioned above would be great! Or a ruffled up messenger bag :)