Tuesday, December 1, 2009

{for Michelle}

Excuse me. If you'd like to win $30 shop credit with me please click here and enter yourself to win. Or don't and be sad that someone else owns a Gussy ;)

Do you have a second love in your life? I have, like, 7. Sewing, fabric, thread, sharp scissors, a beautifully-humming sewing machine, brightly-colored zippers + buttons, and my D-SLR camera.

Don't worry Z, you are my first love

The #2 second love in my life really, truly goes out to Heather Bailey fabrics, to be a little more specific. They are just sooooooo gorgeous! {fo sho!} Their bright colors make my heart happy. I could stare at her line of fabric for hours... This is a custom order I put together for a blog friend,
Michelle. She was a doll and let me be a little creative with her order. Thanks, Michelle :)


{Ruffle Gus wallet + Skinny Gus zipped pouch}

PS. Happy December 1st!!!


Jacky said...

Well, you already know I'm about to go enter myself in that giveaway... ;)

Michelle's order looks great! I love Heather Bailey,too. Although more for her tutorials...she started me off on my addiction to sewing yo-yo's lately. :)

Sara A Broers said...

Love these bright fabrics and am enjoying my Gussy!

Jules said...

I love this fabric and design. The colors are fantastic!