Thursday, December 31, 2009

{Giveaway Day #2 preview}


Want to know something spectacular, and maybe a little bit secretive?! I'm preparing for Giveaway Day #2!!! When I hosted my first one I called it Giveaway Week {5 days of giveaways}. That was back in November and over 470 unique comments were left. I'm thinking it will be even more fun to offer a lot of giveaways in a single day. Ya know, to really get you guys scrambling with anticipation :) Hah, Gussy is funny.

I have Giveaway Day set for late-January. I'll be writing an informative post in the next week or so with all the details, including:

  • how to enter
  • what you can donate for your shop giveaway
  • when Giveaway Day #2 is set for
  • and more!

Sooooo... If you have lovely goods and want to showcase them on Gussy has a lot to say, now is the time to start thinking about this {and be sure to get your shop stocked, too}. In about a week I'll post all the details if you want to participate, so keep your eyes peeled. Ya know, if you're interested!

I hope to accept at least 12 shops {to offer one giveaway every two hours} but will accept up to 24 shops {one giveaway per hour}. Do you think 24 people will contact me?!?!?!?! I'm really excited for this and I hope y'all are, too :)

Alright. I must go.
There's lots of talking and nephew-squeezing to do


Anonymous said...
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Meg said...

YAY!How exciting!!! I am sure that you will have NO problem getting 24 creative folks to join in this giveaway, you are GUSSY!!
I hope that you are having a wonderful vacation and have SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have a feeling that 2010 is going tto be a great year for Gussy!!!

xoxo~Meg said...

YAY.. So excited!