Tuesday, December 29, 2009


There are like 2,984 reasons why I'm excited to be going home for Christmas, but one specific reason is for the food! Being that it's just me and Zack for meals sometimes we miss out on great family dishes. But... I love to cook so Zack and I have come up with some of our own family dishes :) Ohhhh, yes we have.

I love when he takes one bite of something and says OHHHH man, you have to make this again. This is my new favorite!

He makes me light up like a Macy's window display at Christmastime.

I found this article a few months ago and have kept it in my secret file ever since ;) I know my oldest nephew, Collin is a super great eater. He even asks for dessert... hah! My second and youngest nephew, Jack Riley, will be turning 2 in a few months so I'm not sure where he's at now with food. Last I saw him he was about 16-months-old.

I love when kids poke fuss over vegetables. While I don't think it's really funny, there is a small part of me {like 21%} that thinks it's funny when they scrunch their face over eating a vegetable.

Read on, and please share your stage!

The Five Stages of I-don't-want-to-eat-my-vegetables:



Surprise: “You want me to eat WHAT?”

Pleading: “Please, someone save me from the evil carrot! Anyone…anyone?”

Sorrow: “If I eat this carrot I will never be happy again. Never laugh, never smile.”

Anger: “I will not, I CANNOT eat this carrot.”

Sleep: “I’m so sleepy that I can’t eat it.”

I'll go ahead and share that my stage is Sorrow. Does that surprise anyone?! Happy vegetable eating! :)



Meg said...

You crack me up! One of my favorite commercials is that Raviolli commercial when the dad keeps reading the can saying that it has the recommended daily dose of veggies in it and the mom keeps making noise so the the kid doesn't hear what the dad is saying! I am lucky I guess, my kids love veggies!

My mother in law is coming over today and showing me how to use my sewing machine that she gave me, I am so excited!

Jacky said...

How fun! I'm not really a vegetable person, at all. I like corn, green beans, peas, and that's about it. I'm probably at "Surprise"--You want me to eat THAT?!?

Maggie, I hope you're having a great vacation. I'll admit that I miss your fun posts each morning, though! :(

Melissa said...

Haha! My stepson's new favorite is pretending he's wayyy too full or saying he REALLY has to go potty... He ends up eating them anyways. =)

Sarah, Ted and Eloise said...

ahaha! One of my stages was definitely sorrow. I would get the biggest pout on my face..of course it didn't always work. :)

So SO glad we got to see you both!!!

Nikki said...

I think your stage is SASS.

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

LOL! I was going to mention the same commercial as Meg!