Sunday, December 13, 2009


My poor ironing board cover has a huge tear. And it practically covers the entire board and there is just no room to iron anymore. {Sigh...} What is a Gussy girl to do?!

I asked Santa to bring me a new cover this year. That is probably #1 on my wish-list.

I heart this cover by Etsy seller City Chic Country Mouse:

OK, so I just lied. I love a lot of covers from that shop. I think my most-favorite item has been purchased. Maybe Hubbs purchased it...?

If you clicked over to her shop, which you so need to do because I know you are still reading this and didn't stop to click. GO CLICK! :)

As I was saying, if you clicked over to her shop you may have noticed her shop "message" is,
Dishes. Laundry. Ironing. It can be fun!

Ahhhh, so perfect for Gussy. If you've been reading my blog for a month or five you know by now I do looooove to iron. I only
looooove to iron Gussy products, though. Make sure you get that part down. But I do love to do laundry. I HEART IT. I love clean, fresh-smelling sheets. Yeow :) And clean bath towels. We have grande-thick towels and let Gussy tell you it is SO WORTH IT to have grande-thick towels. Who cares if they take an extra 20 minutes in the dryer?!

It's like Hello, plush! in the morning. Helps me to have a great day. Especially because it's like -3* every morning when I now wake up. My face is freezing cold every time I step outside. Blah. So a plush grande-thick towel is most neceseary.


I've been having lots of phone chats with my nephew Collin lately. He's such an adorable little man -- he's 4 1/2 and he sings to me songs he learns in Preschool. {Melts my heart.} He even leaves me voice messages that say, Call me!

The first time Collin left me a VM song I had big Gussy tears in my eyes before it was even over. OK there were tears after two seconds of listening. I still have tiny Gussy tears every time I hear his sweet voice. I miss my nephews soooo much.

Jack Riley, my other nephew, has started talking. He calls Collin "Dowah." None of us can figure that one out, but I just know it's the cutest to see Jack Riley running across the house, looking for his big brother and saying "Dowah" until he finds him.

I can't wait to witness it myself.

I told my mom Whatever he wants to call me is fine, I just want him to name me :)

Don't worry, I'll be sure to report back on my new title.


Sunshinemeg said...

Your ironing board cover selection is beautiful. Can't wait to hear your new title. Haha, I hope it's something super fun. Enjoy your Sunday little lady = )

Jacky said...

Aw! Nephews...I love 'em! Well, yours are cute. ;) My sweetheart has 3 (4 in Feb.) nieces and a nephew, and I'll definitely enjoy being an aunt when we get married. ;D

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Um generous much?