Saturday, December 12, 2009

{my little reindeer}

Thanks little reindeer for holding my ring while I clean-up dinner.

Thanks family for sharing aged Christmas decorations with us, so we may enjoy Christmas at our home.

Thank you LORD for giving Minneapolis a beautiful sunset Friday afternoon.


I relisted a bunch of sold items today so there are more chances for you to snag a rufflicious Gussy item. I also want to add that if you want to add Priority shipping to your order I'd be happy to do that. I'm starting to fill-up my shipping bag with Gussy orders.

Tuesday is my next shipping day; Friday is my final shipping day of the year!

I'll still accept orders after December 18, but they won't mail until January 5.

Lots of Gussy giveaways still going on.
Check out the GUSSY + ETSY SHOP NEWS section of my blog {at the top} for where you can enter!

Yeow! Gotta jet. The oven is beeping to say my Apple Crisp is done :)

PS. someone tell Blogger that rufflicious is a word! I am tired of seeing the red squiggly under it :)

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