Thursday, December 24, 2009

{Merry Christmas Eve}

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone
:) Zack and I just finished opening presents! Coffee... Cinnamon rolls... our morning was so wonderful :) Just like the times we remember with our families.

WOOOO HOOOOO, our second Christmas together as man + wife!

There is a nice layer of snow outside... maybe 10 inches? Who knows. All I know for sure is that I'm inside wearing a new robe. Yeow! :) And drinking coffee. And typing on my new Mac keyboard. Actually, we both have new Mac keyboards. Hubbs + Gussy were on the same wavelength this year and bought each other the same gift. It's like we've been married 40 years already. Hah! One day :)

Being in Minneapolis this year is something God surprised us with in a HUGE way. Never would or could we have predicted that last Christmas for this year. What a gift it is that God takes care of all things. What a blessing to know and have that comfort. We are praying hard that we'll arrive in Michigan late tonight safely. The weather calls for more snow. So we'll see. Safety first, right?

OH MY WORD!!! Guess what... Zack gave me a bracelet from The Vintage Pearl!!! It's gorgeous! It says "6.7.08" and "two become one". That is our wedding date and a special memory of the wedding sermon. Click photo to enlarge.

And yes, I did get a new ironing board cover. It's yellow damask {sooo cute!} and I can't wait to get my IRON ON in January. And... another favorite gift is my new Paul Frank iPhone case. YEOW, yeow! :)

I bought Zack some pretty sweet bar wear, ACDC beer glasses, a cool {and funny} coffee mug, some plaid goods {sleep pants, Gap shirt, fingerless gloves} -- don't forget the Mac keyboard! Hah. Handmade soap, beef jerky, a book. We both had a really, really wonderful Christmas together.

Zack said he spoiled me because I cook so well.


I pray everyone is enjoying their time with family and friends. I'll be away, but nearby, but still away. {What?!} I've got a few posts scheduled while we're busy talking with family, hugging each other, and of course eating some delish home-cooked meals made by our moms :)

Time to launder some clothes + pack. Then Gussy is OUT!

Merry {early} Christmas


Meg said...

Merry Christmas to you guys! There isn't any snow here yet, but they say it is coming in time for Christmas. Yesterday it rained all day and then there was a beautiful rainbow, I have pictures posted of it on my blog. Also, I finished my scarf yesterday and the picture is up of that also. I figured out how to do that link thing that you told me how to do, and I mentioned your name again using it...and it worked!! The bracelet is beautiful, he did good! It makes even more special that he personalized it. Well, I have house cleaning to get to, we are hosting Christmas dinners here in the next couple days! Have a wonderful holiday Gussy!

Mindy said...

Aww...awesome gifts! My boyfriend got me the new Apple keyboard for my birthday. :) How funny that you both bought the same thing!

Merry Christmas!!

The Clines said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Been thinking of you. Love the bracelet. Hope y'all get home safe and sound. It's quiet around here with no Gussy talk.

emily said...

oh my goodness gussy! i love that special!
i hope you're well and i hope you enjoyed your christmas :)