Wednesday, December 23, 2009

{special decorations}

Ever since that one November morning, as we rode on the city bus to work, Zack and I knew we just had to visit The General Store downtown. Apparently this is a 25-year-long tradition for the city of Minneapolis for the local radio station to set-up shop in this seasonal store.

We went last night, finally able to meet up with each other after work. The store is only open M-F, 10 am - 7 pm. Since we both work at 9, and since we both get out at different times, the store's hours haven't been too convenient.

Last night, however, we made a point to meet up and visit The General Store.

And my, oohhhhhh my, do they have the cutest things. We were looking for a Christmas ornament that we can say one day, We bought this ornament while living in Minneapolis. Man, that was such an adventure living there! :)

I also, being the Naughty Gussy-girl that I am {or that someone is that lives here}, convinced Zack to purchase this cute, little, Christmas light-adorned tree {see above photo}. Because it's only $2.95. Helloooooo, we need it. Hah :)

On our way home from The General Store we saw a girl ice-skating downtown. It was such a scene from a movie. I swear... Gussy + Zack living scenes straight from a movie.

I believe I'm out now of words.
Yes, I believe this is a first.

tee he he.

PS. Minneapolis is supposed to get 20+ inches of snow soon, and we're supposed to fly out to Michigan soon. Please pray we are able to safely land in Michigan and that we can still spend lots of time with our families, despite the bad weather predicaments.

Many thanks :)


Meredith said...

Will keep you guys in my prayers for safe travels!!! The good thing about MN is that they are great at clearing roads!!! I hope you have a great time visiting your family!! I know from experience how hard it is to live away from family and friends!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas, Gussy!! I hope you & the mister have a wonderful time in Michigan with family.

As for that 20" of snow, um, can have it! ;) It's supposed to RAIN, RAIN, RAIN here on Christmas.

Meg said...

Missouri is supposed to have a white Christmas as well, I am pretty excited about it, but I don't have to travel further than 5 miles. This is the prayer that I pray everytime me or someone I know is traveling... I pray that the Lord gives you and Z traveling mercies and HE puts a hedge of protection around you and Z at all times during your travels and lets you make it to all of your destinations safely! Have a great Holiday also taking some needed time off from Gussy, even though thoghts of Gussy bags and Heather Bailey fabrics will be dancing in your head! Merry Christmas!

Jacky said...

Merry Christmas, almost! Stay safe while you guys are traveling; hopefully the weather will be nice. :)

P.S. You've now got me browsing through Heather Bailey fabric online, trying to convince myself to learn to sew in a zipper. ;)

Valerie said...

Be safe!!! Merry Christmas!

ZWhit said...

Hey GF.
I like our new ornaments and our decorative apt.

I love you tons. Saying a prayer now for the flight...

risa said...

Let's hope we don't get 20"! (I'm just cross the river in St. Paul, but work in Mpls). The snow is beautiful, but making for messy travel. Hope you get home to family safely!