Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{sewing, Gussy tags, and nephews}

Read my guest post, My soul was telling me to sew, by clicking here.


Last night was such a productive evening for Gussy! Yeow :)

My friend that helped me get my job here in Minneapolis, Nikki, came over after work {we work at the same company}. She sewed on my machine while I cut fabric. And Tweeted. And checked my email. And then cut more fabric, hah!

I am so proud of myself. I have outside fabric cut for 27 pieces! Yeowwwwww. I think that is my largest batch ever sewn. Now I know I'm not anywhere near done: I still have to cut the inside fabric, the interfacing, the ruffle. Then everything needs to be ironed and pressed. Then I can start sewing.

BUT I'M SEW EXCITED! I've been waiting for over a month to work with my new Heather Bailey fabric. The time has finally come :)

My shop is so low in stock. Ick. Hoping to have that taken care of very soon. Like by this weekend, soon.

I've got fabric cut for larger zipped pouches, medium zipped pouches, and small zipped pouches. I suppose I should cut out some wallets, yes? OK, now I am talking to myself. As if I don't talk enough, I have to talk to myself?!


Gorgeous! I can't wait to see these with a signature Gussy ruffle:

Also, last night I kept on my Gussy tags. Funny how if I let them sit for a long time they still don't make themselves... Oh well. They are cute, and fun to make:

Looks like I caught myself {and my pajamas!} in this photo:

My MIL made this for me for Christmas. An official Sweat Shop sign, made from an old family quilt that was falling apart {Zack's great grandma's, I believe}.

I need a little shelf on the wall so I can set this babeh proudly up on it:


Nephews! Oh how I miss thee. Target made this bib just for me {!!!}.
I know it

These little boys are the cutest little boys I know. Here, Collin is wearing a super hero cape from Grandma & Grandpa. Jack has a red one. OMW, precious! Jack's cape is a little long and almost touches the floor. He needs to grow into it still :)

Collin is so interested in camping, hiking, and all things adventurous! Ask him to tell you a story and he will light up. He loves to share his imagination with you. One night while at my parents, Collin had his new sleeping back out on the floor. He was laying in it and I told him, I bet Aunt Maggie can fit in that.

No you can't, you're an adult!

Yes, I am. But I'm also small. I bet I can fit in there... Get up and let me try?

...Turns out Aunt Maggie can fit in Collin's sleeping bag. It must have been exactly 5'4" though, because my toes were snug against the bottom seam :)

See Collin, Aunt Maggie may be an adult, but she's a tiny adult. Hah!


I'm getting more and more excited as y'all continue to email me about Giveaway Day, set for Monday, January 25. If you'd like to be included, read the above link and then send me an email.


Other recent Gussy news: I'm going to Blissdom!!! Yeow!!!!!!! I've bought my ticket and am working hard to get some roommates. I feel like I'm close. Next on my list is to find decent airfare.

I'M GOING TO BLISSDOM!!!!!!!! {Can you tell I am excited?!} So incredibly pumped to meet all sorts of great blogging gals! Are you going? I would love to know and if you are, meet you!
Link up if you are going, please :)

Hope to see you soon!


Jacky said...

I'm SEW excitd for you, Gussy! Going to Blissdom, woohoo! And I can't wait to see the end results of all those lovely fabric pieces. :)

P.S. Last night I sat down and sewed a boxy pouch--with a zipper!! I'm only a little excited... ;) Now I need a few more zippers so I can experiment on making it better! But now bad for a first attempt. I'll leave you a link when I blog about it?

Meg said...

How exciting you are going to Blissdom! And what it that I see? Some Heather Bailey fabric possibly for me? Your nephews are adorable and aren't they lucky to have you for as their aunt, I imagine you are a pretty fun one! Have a wonderful day!

Get Real Girl said...

I just found your site through Katja's (Skimbaco). I love your site. I am actually in South Dakota. I can't wait to check out your Etsy Store. I am jealous about your Blissdom ticket. I really want to go, but don't know if I can swing it. I wrote a post for a ticket, too, but then I would still have to get there. So glad I found your site!

SoBella Creations said...

Can't wait to see your new Gussy zippered cases. Love the fabric choices.

The Chubby Dove said...

LOVE that sign your MIL got you for Christmas!
My MIL gave me a sewing machine and lessons for Christmas.
Don't know when I'll have the time to use it, but it was an awesome gift and I'm looking forward to making something, someday.

Nikki said...

I do love the hum of your sweet little sewing machine <4

Mindy said...

I may have to make my first Gussy purchase..the new items look like they're going to be SUPER cute! Can't wait!

Have you ever made a purse?