Saturday, February 27, 2010

{how you do it}

Almost a month ago I asked ya'll to
share your tips because Gussy wanted to know, How do you do it?! I certainly know I can't do it all, but that is why we have goals. Right? :)

How do you do all the things you do, on a daily basis, day after day? Do you have "no work days"? Do you not have a plan, but desperately need one? {Speaking of a plan, here are my tips for slowing down a bit.}

Plans are a great way to monitor what you want to get done with what you do get done. To-do lists serve as visual reminders -- but remember it's really, really, really OK to not accomplish it all.

There's an underlying message in the feedback you left. It was incredible and made me so happy to read it.

Here's what you had to say...

All Doll(ed) Up wrote:

Some girlfriends and I started a group called "priority planning" years ago to help us do this very thing. It's foundation comes from being like the Proverbs 31 woman, but making it obtainable in our own lives.

Here's what we did:
The whole goal of priority living is to achieve goals. We all know how great it is to feel a sense of accomplishment and mark things off of lists. So when you make goals, they might seem trivial, or even small, but all the small goals add up to accomplishing the one big goal (being a good mom, wife, owner, friend, etc.)
We set these goals -- Loving God Loving my husband Loving my home Loving my family Loving others Loving myself

We held each other accountable for these things weekly, and sometimes over email asked for creative ways to make the goals fun. It has become a way of life for me now!

Debbie S. wrote: I treat myself to an hour massage. It helps me relax and zone out while working out the stress kinks

Jenny G. wrote: I got so stressed out about this when I first started my job! I just decided that I would have to sit down and plan it out. I wrote down a list of everything that had to be done at home. Then I wrote those tasks down on a calendar on the days that would be easiest for me to complete them, and then I posted it on the fridge for my husband and I both to see. I even made a meal plan for two weeks. That way I could buy groceries and know what I needed would be in the fridge (for the most part), and then I scheduled every other Monday as "grocery shopping night" so that I didn't have to worry about not having anything to eat. I wake up about 30 minutes earlier than usual now, and I set out whatever it is I need for supper. Then I spend 15 minutes completing the tasks I need to complete. If they don't all get done, its ok! There's always the next week! And just remember... when we get to heaven, it's not going to matter how many suppers we cooked, or how many times we mopped the floor! Don't stress about the small stuff!

Melissa wrote: I don't stress about how clean my house is anymore and I have let go of the small stuff... because at the end of the day the most important thing in life is that I am a good wife and mom. Those two things come before anything else in my life and if I fail at those, nothing else matters.

Maria wrote: One thing that has helped me a lot is blocking out the hours from 6 to 9 pm and having this be family time. That way I feel like I spent time with my kids at the end of the day. It's also dinner time and I've been making a big effort for us to all sit at the table together.


There was one question in with the comments and that was, How do I get my name out there?

My advice: work hard to create a buzz about your name/blog/shop.

How do you do that?

  • Be active online: comment on blog posts, create a Twitter account, network with blogs that are similar to yours, etc.
  • Set an advertising/sponsorship budget and invest in your business
  • Be patient :)
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. If you own a shop, would you pay the asking price? Would you tell your friends about it? What would seal the deal? If you have a blog, what would you want to read? What types of pictures would you want to see? What is the tone?

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Mandy said...

This was a helpful blog in so many ways! I've not been blogging very long, but even in the month or so since I've started, I've had a hard time maintaining balance. My relationship with my Lord, my husband, and my friends has been put on the back burner at times, as well as my [flexible] but "real" job in my pursuit of getting connected in the blog world.

I so appreciated your blog last week about slowing down... I needed that! My husband was out of town, and I ended up taking the entire day to be with my neglected girl friends and just enjoy life. It was a good reminder of how narrow my focus had become. And I loved the verse your reader shared about the Lord building His house!

Anyways... sorry I've written you a book here! Point being, I love reading your blog not only because you are a very talented and artsy person, but because God uses your words to remind me to keep a balanced perspective.

Thanks Gussy! :]

Col said...

I just found you via Vintage Pearl. Your notecards, are, by far, the cutest I have seen! Love those!

50centlove said...

Debbie S - massage - that's me! Thanks for the mention. I still do this ya know. Once a month $60. That's all. It is something I do for myself and family. If I am rested and relaxed then my family appreciates that.

momtoem said...

I'm a new follower of your blog and journey and I also love your creations, especially the Lovely Gus - Lindy Leaf, pink zipped pouch, so lovely!

twolittletots said...

love your post...and i love to do list too!

Wired Whimsy said...

I am totally struggling with balance right now. These suggestions have inspired me to make a plan! Great post, Gussy!