Friday, January 9, 2009

{I'll just take my couch and MOVE OUT}

Is it really Friday???

This is really exciting, for many reasons, because:
  • means today is pay day
  • means the weekend is ALMOST here
  • means tomorrow my mother-in-law and grandma{-in-law?} are coming to recover our couch with me
Recover my couch? Yes, silly. If you remember, I posted a little bit of my excitement on an older post, The Sweat-Shop is Falling Behind. {Zack shared he thought I wasn't doing enough sewing. Or earring-making. LOL. Man!, he is bold ;) } But that was almost a month ago, so it's OK if you forgot. Gussy has had MANY things to share since then. It's practically impossible to keep track of them all. I know... I know... If it weren't for the huge capacity of my brain, I'd be in big trouble.

This weekend is just really super exciting for me. I love our couch almost as much as... Well, for the sake of not getting in trouble {for saying anything that isn't nice}, just know that I LOVE our couch.

Here is why:

My parents bought the couch when they first got married {which was over 30 years ago} for probably like $20, $30 max! They used it in their first home, but at some point it made it's way to the basement of their current house.

Fast forward.

I started college in August 2003 and brought the couch along for the ride. It has seen many things, including The Twins that I lived with my first semester that told me what and what I could not put on MY COUCH! Gussy just wouldn't have that, ya know. Let's just say, for the sake of time, that my suite-mate and I moved out of Calkins room 219 ASAP and we didn't tell them until we were carrying the couch out of our dorm room. Hey! Don't judge. That was out of love, baby.

Eeek, that was a bad, bad memory.

Another fun thing with this couch is that it is retro, and little. Take a look at it in our Lansing apartment:

{She sits with sass. And a plastic bag underneath. Whoopsy.}

Here she is at our current home. We've rearranged the room since this pic was taken, but you get the idea:

This couch has been around for a long, LONG time. She's been vacuumed, scrubbed, and slept on with love. It's just time for a little make over. We bought our fabric from Jo-Ann's {duh, where else?!} over the summer and so I've been patiently waiting for this weekend to come.

But don't ask Zack just how patient I've been. No, don't do that ;) He'll tell you a different story.


Did I mention I finished my scarf? I can't remember.
I've started a basket weave pattern, looks like this:

And it's SUPER HARD! I'm having hard times keeping my pattern straight! Last night I talked to my mom and we, of course, tackled this problem! Thanks Mom :)

One thing I want to work on, once we have some money saved up, is to get a headboard for our bed. I have this really awesome idea that involves an inexpensive {new} door and yellow floral fabric. Hold me accountable, OK?, and check back in if it's not in the works soon {like a month}.

Zack and I talked this morning about the new design plan. I told him I have a gift card to Jo-Ann's that we could use. I was willing to share! :) But he interrupted me and said...

No, Little Princess, that money is for your sewing projects.


I found these pics {again} and am not sure if I've ever shared them with you.
This is Zack {hubby}, Collin, almost 4-years-old {nephew} and Jack {about 8-months-old}:

Like jumping on our bed, Collin is allowed to play on the couch ;)

My favorite Curious Collin series:

Collin is my sweet, precious nephew. I'm so thankful for all the times we spent together when he was just an infant. I loved taking care of him... he taught me a lot and gave me my first glimpse of motherhood :) Collin recently told me, Uncle Zack does video work. He just knows EVERYTHING!!! Including many, many, MANY stories about When I was a little boy {yes, he actually starts a story that way, so cute!}.


Work has really picked up pace. It hasn't been this "busy" since before Christmas. I feel we need to call in a freelancer for some extra help. I mean, it wasn't quite 11 a.m. and I had done three jobs! I had to pour myself a cup of coffee because I couldn't handle it. Folks, this was my first cup all week.

Remember my post {too hot in here}? Apparently I spoke too soon. Since I was so warm yesterday at work, I came in this morning dressed in a yellow and white stripped t-shirt with this really cute blue and green chunky beaded necklace. And my winter F-Uggs {Fake-Uggs}. I guess I subconsciously thought spring had arrived ;)

PS. Thanks to my friend Daniella for suggesting BOLD accessories to bring cuteness to your outfit! :)

PSS. Thanks Photo Booth for taking my picture while @ work. And a big thanks to the man Upstairs {aka: Jesus} for making sure no one walked by as I took this daring pic.

What was I thinking?!?!


daniella said...

Thanks for the shout out, chika!

Uhm, I had a lot to say about this post but soehow by the time I got to the end and clicked on "post comment" all my thoughts and wittiness flew out the window. I'll check back in when I get my brain back...I mean, when Charlie goes down for her nap.


ZWhit said...

Ballin post wife! Way to kick butt. You make me happy.