Thursday, March 19, 2009


When Zack and I started dating, just about 5 years ago, he was in a male A Capella group at Central. The group was so good! It wasn't hard to fall in love with Zack, his big smile, and his amazing voice. {To top it off, he was a big fan of Jesus!} Before we were officially dating {by officially I mean before Zack knew that we were because I was so in love with him before I even knew his real name... ha ha}, Zack would come by my dorm room with his buds from the group and they'd sing me a few songs. How could I not fall in love?!?! ;) Besides, the other girls were jealous. Just kidding. Well maybe not. It was the best thing to fall asleep to... memories of Zack coming by to sing to me. Don't worry, the guys still came once we were dating. Zack is too thoughtful of a man to have stopped coming around with the guys. And there is not one hint of sarcasm in the previous sentence. Remember how I shared that Zack made me a Valentine's card and took hours and hours of his life to do the basket weave technique? See, he is a thoughtful man :)

Five years ago I only hoped we'd be were we are today. Only God knew that we'd fall in love and eventually get married. It was God's plan all along and I think it is great to remember such an awesome part of our dating years. We are college sweethearts :)

One of my favorite songs is Insomniac by Billy Pilgrim. I think the reason it's a favorite is because there is an underlying message about needing to find your other half but having some uncertainty to when that would actually happen. Not this Gussy, though! This Gussy knew Zack was her other half after one month of dating!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once we were out for summer break and at our parents, we were 3 hours apart. Zack would sing Insomniac to me on the phone at night. When it came time to pick a song for our first dance as husband and wife, there was no guessing which song I'd pick :) Our wedding D.J. found an amazing version, so to that we had our first dance :) I'll post the lyrics below.

I can see you, don't even know you
Falling into the sheets at night
I place my hands flat on my chest
I feel the heart beat back the night
I try counting sheep, and I talk to the shepherd
And I play with my pillow for ever and ever
I sit alone and I watch the clock
I breathe in on the tick and out on the tock

I can hear your bare feet on the kitchen floor
I don't have to have these dreams no more
Cause I've found someone just to hold me tight
Hold the insomniac all night

Dig my head down deep so I can't hear the cars outside on the street
And the stars are laughing
They get a kick out of my misery
I tried everything short of Aristotle to Dramamine
And the whiskey bottle
Pray for the day when my ship comes in
I can sleep the sleep of the just again





Anonymous said...

great song! I hope things are going well where you are! Take care hun.

ZWhit said...

Thanks for letting everyone know how awesome I am. ;)

PS. I can't quite "hear your bare feet" on our kitchen floor (since it's carpeted), but I am glad to have found someone to hold this insomniac all night.

I love you Maggie.