Friday, May 15, 2009

{Dear Shred, you are the best thing that's happened to me since I began loving chocolate...}

Good Morning!

What's that?

Oh, you wanted to know how my 30 Day Shred workout program is going?




Really. I am loving the program. I just completed workout day 3 and I am feeling good.

Here are a few {or a lot, because I am Gussy} reasons why I've fallen in love:

1. Jillian is hilarious.

2. Example: She said, "...she's quite literally kicking herself in the ass" when one girl was demonstrating kick backs. I truly LOL'd. I've never LOL'd during a workout tape before. I've never worked out to a workout tape, to be quite honest, because I was born in 1985 and DVDs were an immediate form of technology.

3. Jillian said, "there is no way to modify a jumping jack. If I can get 400 lb. people to do it, you can do it, too."

4. "Now we're going to do a basic crunch. Again, there is no way to modify this," she says. I don't know why I find this so funny, but I do.

5. Just when I want to quit Jillian says, "If you want to see results fast you have to do the work." Or something similar. Because I've done this all of three times now and I wholeheartedly listen to her because what else am I supposed to do while I'm working up a sweat...?

6. I workout at night. So, the morning after day 1, I woke up and surprisingly wasn't that sore. I think that was only to trick me into doing it again. It worked. Then day 2 came, and again, not too sore in the AM. However, day 3 has passed and while I'm seriously feeling great and experiencing some neat results I am now suffering from The Workout Wrath. OUCH. But I'm hooked. And that is all Jillian wanted, right?


7. BUY 30 DAY SHRED!!!!!!! DO IT NOW. YOU WILL LOVE IT. And your new body.

OK, that's all the time we have folks.
Thanks for reading ;)

PS. I'm only on Workout 1 {there are two more}. I wonder what other funny things Jillian will say. Guess you'll have to stay tuned in and find out! :)


Anonymous said...

Did you buy 30 Day Shred at a store or order it from somewhere? I am intrigued by the fact you were laughing during a workout. It sounds great. I might give it a go.

katie + bret said...

I am coming up on workout #20 on 30 day shred and I LOVE IT! I don't know if you have hit the point yet where you legs have so a lot of definition but when you do, that's when you will say "HECK YES!!" - Keep up the hard work!

(Hello by the way, my name is Katie, I decided to read your blog after seeing a link to it from Steph's page! Hope you don't mind!)