Saturday, May 16, 2009

{BIG NEWS, big news}

Hello blog readers! Hope your Friday was as lovely and relaxing as mine was. My Maid of Honor, Jess, came to visit Thursday night to Friday afternoon. It was amazing for a lot of reasons. Here, let me make a list:

  • Her first words upon arrival were, Hey Zack. Glad to see you're doing the dishes. I thought it was a cute moment :)
  • She is officially certified as an Athletic Trainer {Central Michigan University graduate, like myself!}. Prior to getting certified, I've allowed her to practice massages on me over the years we've been friends. Last night she gave me AN HOUR LONG MASSAGE! I couldn't believe it. Dreams do come true, ha ha! :) Thanks again, Jess!!!
  • I got to sleep in. Well, I did wake up and make Zack's lunch for him {hello, wife-of-the-year award?!?!}, but since Jess was here Zack took our car to work and I immediately crawled back into bed for a quick nap. OH MAN, IT WAS GREAT!
  • Jess and I had some fun plant-potting time outside. Remember how I have a green thumb?! Right.
  • I am officially a healthy-lunch lover. Friday's lunch consisted of home-made hummus {recipe thanks to MckMama} and carrots, creamy black bean salsa and pita points, and a slice of honey ham with a slice of Colby-jack cheese. And two large glasses of water. See? Didn't I do a great job? Told ya ;)

And with that final bullet I now want to share something ELSE that is AMAZING!!!

Are you ready for the news?


Not quite? OK, I'll count down:




I have ALREADY lost .5" from my hips!!!!!!!

During the workout I kept thinking, Man, this is getting easier. My pal Jill was right. During the 1 minute circuit of push-ups I could feel that my stomach was tighter. When it was time to do the side lunges with arm lifts I could actually use BOTH weights. I have 7 lbs. hand weights so for some of the exercises I have only been able to use one. BUT NOT TONIGHT!!! I am seeing some really encouraging progress. It is such a highlight.

I also noticed that certain circuits were getting easier while some were starting to hurt more. I'm OK with that. I'm taking it that some muscles are getting stronger where others are becoming strong. See how I'm able to put together a positive sentence when talking about working out? Ohh, I'm soooooo funny ;)

Zack told me that the stronger I get the more calories I'll be able to burn when working out. THAT was some encouraging news, too. Goodness, all this to share and it's only been four days.

WOOTY woot woo...

See, this is why I am excited to workout. Aside from hearing Jillian say, Sorry, there are no modifications to a ______ is what brings Gus back every evening.

Hey Megan, from SunshineMeg, I remembered another funny comment from the DVD: Jillian is demonstrating how to do a proper crunch without straining your neck and she says something to the effect of "... remember, use your core strength only... your neck is not invited to this party."

Ahhh, ha ha ha. I love her humor.

Because it's only been four days I measured just my hips. I am really looking forward to re-measuring myself in a week, which will be Tuesday evening. Three more days until I can get out the tape measure and check everything else!!! :)

PS. I picked out this dress as my GOOD JOB, Gus, prize. Once I complete 30 Day Shred I'll be ordering this lovely, sassified number:

Francesca has 25 days to get it back in stock...


Anonymous said...

Go Gussy Go! Haha, the comment was hilarious. Thanks for the email too. Your progress is promising seeing as how I just bought it today and it should be here next week! I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Jon and Steph said...

I left you something on my blog ;)

katie + bret said...

Your Etsy page is great! I am OBSESSED with that website!

daniella said...

That is one cute dress! I'm a sucker for ruffles. I decided I'll be doing the shred after Davey comes out and after I recouperate - so basically, in two years from now.

Can you please send your MOH to my house? Pack her bag with some of that hummus while you're at it.