Sunday, May 17, 2009

{Toddler Bag -- complete!}

Below are pictures of a Toddler Bag I just completed for a girl I went to high school with, Amanda. She contacted me recently, asking for something a little more fun than her current diaper bag, hence the invention of a Toddler Bag!!!

Of course Gussy could help her out! :) I especially love this Toddler Bag because of the green stripes. Gussy mucho loves green!!! Especially a fun, bright grass green like this. I also added a little something special on the inside -- something pink. Can you spot it? Amanda wanted something that would be fun to carry, but also fun for her hubby to carry since he watches their daughter during the day. Besides, this way the bag is gender neutral. That is always a safe route to take!


Joe Bowen said...

If I carried a toddler bag, it would be that one. Nicely done.

daniella said...

I love it! It looks super sturdy and definitely Toddler proof.