Friday, October 30, 2009

{happy friday}


In celebration of the harvest season,
cooler air,
red, yellow and orange leaves

Let's have a GUSSY giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive this pouch, shown below.


To enter, please leave one comment with your plans for the weekend.

I'll start {except I'm excluded from the prize!}: Zack and I are going on a Saturday-night date of dinner and a movie! I'm a happy Gus :)

Please only enter once, and please do enjoy your weekend. I'll announce the winner Monday morning.

PS. If your blog account is set to private, please leave me your email address so I can easily contact the winner. Thanks and good luck!


Happy Friday
{15 days...}


f.sarah said...

weekend plans - nothing special may be "just stay at home!"

day by day you are increasing our curiosity, anyway i feel it's got to be something very beautiful!

have a fun filled weekend!

iloveyourheart said...

Ryan & I are going to pass out Halloween candy to all the little trick or treaters for the first time at our new house!


Yay! Awesome giveaway!

I am planning on take my lil girl trick or treating! She's going to be a gnome


Teri said...

Love it!

Tomorrow is my grandma's birthday and we are going to take her out for lunch and have cake!

I also plan to work on organizing the nursery so we have a place for the little one when he/she arrives:)

Have a great weekend, Gussy!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Oh yay.

White chicken chili.
Taking Mr.C trick-or-treating at the grandparents' houses.
Georgia game.

Have fun on your hot date.

mandiegirl said...

Um, I think we're going to drive to Santa Fe tomorrow and just enjoy the cool weather and fun! :)

Beth said...

No plans yet...was thinking of having some friends over for dinner on Sunday night. Love the pouch!

Amy H. said...

Ideally I would like to say I will be having a baby this weekend, but if not trick or treating with my 3 yr old.

Here to my first choice, fingers crossed!

Meredith said...

Hubby and I plan to order pizza with the neighbors, hand out candy and have a few beers. Pretty low key and relaxing!!!

E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

Plans are a lot of work on our house renovation, a little relaxing and celebrating Halloween, and a whole bunch of laughing at our dog in his banana costume.

Have a great weekend!

Jenn Bull said...

We actually have plans! Carving pumpkins tonight. Halloween party tomorrow. Then Sunday Army Family friends stay the night. Then Monday (I know, not the weekend) my friend Heather comes to stay for a week!

Heather said...

An art class for the toddler - can't wait to see what kind of art they're going to do! Then, trick-or-treating in the evening :)


Polka Dot Moon said...

Well we have Flag Football on Sat. a.m., then a Halloween Block Party starting in the afternoon.

Football on Sunday and time with the family :)

{I'm guessing it will be a Sugar Overload Weekend.}

LOVE the Gussy Giveaway - perfect accessory for Fall!

Hazel & Ruby said...

This weekend I will be doing all things Halloween with my husband and daughter. I am also hoping to get my new sewing room setup (fingers crossed)

Love the giveaway!!

Jingle said...

I don't have big plans. I hope to do some creating tonight. The Hubbums and I will go out for breakfast in the morning and then hang out until he goes to work. I hope to hand out candy - I even got a costume this year! And then Sunday should be a good day to relax a bit - maybe do some more creating!!!

Valerie said...

Ooo Lala!! So cute.

Hubby and I have made NO plans and just plan to sit around and enjoy time together.

My grandmother (the one who just lost her husband) may come to stay with us for the weekend. I'm hoping she does!!

So, yup! No plans. Hooray!

Whitney Walker Alexander said...

Oh sweet Gussy! How I love your work! This one is adorable...of course!!!

Stacy said...

Homework. Homework. Homework. Trunk or treat at church. Homework. Homework. Homework. Brother in law visiting. Homework. Homework. Homework.

Sounds fantastic, huh? :)

jodi @ back40life said...

if the weather holds {fingers crossed} we're taking Walker (3) and Cameo (9 mos) to a fall festival tonight then trunk-or-treating tomorrow night...hope to catch some good football on TV in the mix and then Sun morning @ - looks to be a lovely evening!!

The Chubby Dove said...

My inlaws are arriving tonight from FL so we are going to squeeze alot into "our weekend with Grandma and Grandpa". Dinner, football game, mini golf, bday party, fall fest. We've got alot planned.

I already know what I'll be doing next weekend, too...resting!

Have a wonderful weekend, Gussy!

Candice said...


This weekend the house is getting a good cleaning! Saturday we're dressing up the pup and handing out Halloween candy- the kids think its so cool that the pup is dressed up- I love it!

Thanks for this opportunity! :)

Laura said...

We had planned to go out on a date and eat some Indian Food but couldn't wait, we did that last night :)

I guess we'll just stay home and make-out.

Bernice said...

If I get over this cold, I'm hoping to go to the Halloween party at our church for our son and his little friends!

We're going on a treasure hunt, decorating cookies and dressing up as non-scary characters (and since my son wanted to be a ghost, he gets to be an egg at church - I'm just adding a yellow circle to his tummy).

Sara A Broers said...

Week-end plans. Hubby and son are pheasant hunting- opening season in Iowa- I'll be hopefully cooking a pheasant meal!

Jenny G said...

Headed to eat supper with our youth pastor tonight, and tomorrow it's trick-or-treating with my nephews! Then booking a winter vacay! Yay for Fall and weekends!

Dj said...

I will be listening to Fearless Heart (my son is a member) sing the National Anthem at a University of Missouri volleyball game!!

Kim @ Everything said...

I have company coming in to town for Halloween. Our town shuts down all the streets for thousands of kids. It's amazing really.

A movie sounds fun! I haven't been to one in awhile. We've been watching them at home so much. Let me know if you see a good one! :)

Have a great weekend!


the rodriguez crew said...

i'm taking my little "einstein" to a halloween party that includes a super fun, super big bounce house!! FUN! Happy weekend!

Courtney said...

how i'd LOVE this!
i'm obsessed with grey all of a sudden!

we are:
carving pumpkins
going for a 12 mile run (me)
soccer game (son)
football game (husband)
cleaning out EVERYONE'S drawers and closets (4 kids...getting ready for 2 more)
trick or treating!
some alone time once the kids are in bed with my husband

it's going to be a GREAT weekend!

Lisa said...

Paul and I are going to Ludington to close up the trailer, boohoo! But it'll be safe & sound until we head back April 15 :)

Thx for the chance at one of your awesome wallets, Maggie!

Dina (XYYan) said...

my class is on weekend, so i have to attend it. and after that i'm going to attend a beauty workshop! i can't wait for that!

Jacky said...

LOVE it! I'm crossing my fingers tight...

Weekend plans? Um, not much. The only big thing is dress shopping for my good friend's wedding next summer, and I have mixed emotions about that. But hopefully it'll be fun. ;D

emily said...

well. trick or treating and chili with the family. I think I might love Halloween way too much.

Anna said...

I just so love your blog! I check it every day!

We have a halloween part tonight, then trick or treating tomorrow night, then a family gathering sunday. Plenty of fun!

you are so awesome!

SoBella Creations said...

I'm planning to take my girls to a friends house for a Halloween party tomorrow. And then possibly tomorrow night trick or treat at Downtown Disney.

Lisa Kate said...

My plans are just to chill out and hang with my hubby! We've been so busy and stressed out lately that we really need the time together. Sadly, I live in an apartment so I don't get to give out candy, but I wish I could XD

diana said...

We plan on taking my 1 yr old to a trunk or treat at church!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Win some Gussy?! Yes, please.

Tomorrow I'm making the spiderweb cookies from Bakerella's website, painting my girl's fingers and toes silver to match her silver sparkly shoes (she's going to be an angel and said angels definitely wear sparkly shoes.) Then it's off to trick-or-treat for the first time in our new(ish) neighborhood!

Sunday I'll probably take down all of my fabulous, glittery Halloween decor and start decorating for Thanksgiving!!

Have a great weekend :)

Allison said...

My weekend plans unfortunately include work, work and more work :( Twelve hour shifts Friday, Saturday and Sunday...*sigh*

Does that earn me brownie points for winning? :)

Theresa said...

Not to much going on this weekend, today I worked and then just finished babysitting. Then tomorrow to a Halloween party!

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Mrs. B said...

Some baking and vegging on the couch with a good book tomorrow then, full day childbirth class on Sunday.
Love the pouch - the colors we're using for our baby boy's room :-)

Lisa B. said...

We will be taking the kids trick or treating! I'm sure I'll be sneaking candy when the kids aren't looking :)

I love your bags!!


Miss Always Carried Away said...

OMG! I just found your blog totally by accident! you are SO talented!!! and seriosuly I would LOVE to win this give away!!! beautiful! and of course I'm following you since now!!!

You're so talented, I'm under huge awe!!! Have a great weekend Darling!

Child of God said...

weekend plans-
Went to Fright Night at an amusement park not far form where I live called Kennywood with my youth kids. Today, watching the Florida vs. Georgia game, then celebrating 2 of my friends birthday with dinner and movie (G-force) :) Finally, Sunday going to church and enjoying the Packer vs. Vikings game- GO PACKERS!!!

Shari said...

Relaxing!! I love weekends!

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Sarah, Ted and Eloise said...

Well.. I have to work on Sat. and Sun. but inbetween all of that, we are watching football, handing out Halloween candy, and having a fundraiser for Senior High Youth Group after church on Sunday.

I love all your stuff, as always!

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Weekend plans - work with my fav person Friday night, watch scary movies with the hubby on Saturday and work some more on Sunday!

bailey said...

Let's see...I did homework and watched football all day yesterday. I was planning on getting my extra hour of sleep this morning, but my almost 1 year old daughter doesn't understand the time change thing, and got me up at the usual time (just seemed like an hour earlier). And I'm going to take down Halloween decorations today :( But I can't wait to put up my Christmas stuff!

Amanda K said...

Stay home, relax and watch the ING NYC Marathon on tv.

Lisa said...

Oh, Gussy! You've been on my Christmas list, so I do hope I win this!

My weekend: Yesterday my boyfriend and I visited a lame art exhibit and then came back to my place to distribute treats to the adorable costumed kiddos. Today I slept an extra hour and am headed to church, then to a baby shower, and possibly an evening weenie roast.

Melissa G. said...

Ohhh, a Gussy giveaway! Count me in! How fun!

{kara} said...

well this weekend I am supposed to be catching up with my custom orders... what am I doing now? watching the perfect murder and cleaning my house!

emily hope said...

so, the weekend's almost over ... but it was spent quite nicely, including a fun family movie night and lots of popcorn :)

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Little ones dressed as fairies and candy.
The end.
I win.

Elle's Mom said...

We had a fabulous Halloween weekend: zoo, church carnival and trick-or-treating. Elle was the sweetest little tinkerbell there ever was. Ok, I'm biased :-)

I really want to win this!

Haus of Girls said...

How fun!
Hope I'm not too late :)
Best. Weekend. Ever.
Sisters & their fun kids over Fri for a pizza party!
Sat was Halloween to the max as we took my three girls trick or treating at my sister's house.
Back to her house after for a fun PARTY!

If I win, I will faint.
Just saying.

Love your CUTENESS!