Sunday, November 1, 2009

{we count to 10}

1. Free shipping has ended on all Gussy products. You will now find small shipping fees attached to each item, however to add a second item on is now a super low price. Woo-hoo!

2. The giveaway in which you can win this pouch ends today! Be sure to enter by clicking here. I'll announce the winner tomorrow morning. {Nothing like spicing up a Monday morning, right?! ;) }

PS. I almost ran out of Blogspot space with Google, but thankfully I upgraded my storage space so there should be NO WORRIES whatsoever that you won't see any more Ruffle-luscious ruffles from me. NO WORRIES. Problem fixed :)

3. I should be rockin' out some of these custom orders soon, which means you'll get to see lots of pictures of such items. Hip, hip, hooray. Also, working on a special pouch for the Hubbs. I'll show that, too.

4. Have you heard? {13 days...}

5. Each Friday, starting this week, I'll showcase an amazing Etsy artist. And, this is the really exciting part, most of them are offering giveaways with the feature article. WOOT! In addition, if you're an Etsy seller and would like a 'lil shout out on here, let me know. Gussy loves to have a lot to say.

6. I had a slight panic attack yesterday when I realized plane tickets back to Michigan for Christmas were going to be roughly $2,000. Yes, you read that right. But while I was out running errands Zack saved the day and brought that number waaaaay down by calling the airlines direct. Ohh, happy day! Some of you on Twitter responded to my tweet --- I was so upset. But I'm not anymore. But I really was upset at the time...

7. For those of you that watch The Office, some man dressed his daughter as Dwight for Halloween. {Absolute adorableness}. Take a peeky for yourself:

8. Zack and I watched Home Alone last Sunday. What fun holiday movies do you love to watch?

9. I'm hoping to hit-up Target for some super-clearanced Halloween candy. I hope I score big! ;)

A LITTLE RECAP: One more day until I announce the winner of the pouch + 13 more days until something GREAT {I've received half of the thing I'm announcing, that is all I can say} + free shipping has ended but will have lots of custom order pictures to show in the upcoming days + weeeee it's Sunday :) + I heart great movies such as Home Alone + going home to Michigan for Christmas + Dwight.

PSS. Happy November 1.

The end.


f.sarah said...

13 days!!!!!!!!!

Sunshinemeg said...

My kids will so be Dwight too. Hahah, that is awesome!

Kate said...

Oh I love the Dwight costume!!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

THAT is the best Halloween costume EVER.

Sarah, Ted and Eloise said...

Happy November to you too!

Candice said...

I LOVE 1/2 price Halloween candy, however this year at our Target (CA) the candy was only 30% off- BOO! (I left the store empty handed!)

Jacky said...

Okay, Gussy, you are FABulous!! at building up suspense...can't wait to see! ;D