Thursday, October 29, 2009

{little whales + inspiration}

Handmade toys are so adorable. I love these little whales, along with the light blue and gray fabrics used to make them:


Ishmael's Whale Group, by florenceforrest

When it's time for me to have a little Gussy baby I can only imagine all the wonderful toys and decorations that will be available to drool over. There are so many quilts, and blankets, and little shoes that I just adore. Also, just as a heads up, you're going to see a lot of ruffles being sewn if it's a girl. But why am I even talking about babies?! We aren't having kids. Today.



Something super great about sewing is all the textures, materials and colors I get to work with. Or look at in the store and hope to work with! {tee he he}. Wooden buttons, linens, satiny ruffles. YUM! I love them all. Oh me, oh my I'm sewing up a handful of items right now. Diaper bags, laptop bags, zipped pouches, ruffle totes -- amazing and such a blessing! I'm working on a zipped pouch for Hubbs and asked him last night if he wanted a GUSSY tag. {Pretty sure he doesn't want a ruffle. Darn!}

He told me, and this is a direct quote, "Psshhhyeah! Only if I'm lucky enough to have one!"

Umm, of course you are dear Zacky. Because you allow me to refer to The Office as The Sewing Room. And you don't even correct me anymore when I call it just that. Did you know that? Shoot, now you do :)

Anyways, here are some beautiful textures and fabrics. And an image of a beautifully-sewn zipper {I just want to touch it when I look at it!}. Great pieces of inspiration, friends...

{photo credit here}

{photo credit here}

{photo credit here}

{photo credit here}

{photo credit here}


PS. BIG NEWS!!! Check out my contributing post {in the kitchen} on Everything Etsy, run by my blog friend Kim. That's right, Gussy's got a lot to share ;)

PPS. Did you hear? {16 days...}


Heather said...

Here you are talking about babies again!?! I love it :)


Jacky said...

Oooh, I wish I could sew a zipper like that! Well, who am I kidding; I wish I could sew in a zipper, period!

This morning I'm editing pictures of my Christmas cards, and then I'm listing them {hopefully!} Need any cards, Gussy? =)

I am SOOO excited about my own Gussy!! Yay! Next on my list is a zipped pouch, but I won't bother the sweetheart again for a while, since he was so sweet. ;D

Kate said...

I am dying to know what happens in 16 days... dying, I tell you!

kim@ Everything Etsy said...

I love the colorful mantel. I had to just stare at that photo for awhile! :)

Thanks for joining us on Everything Etsy!

I have a guess on what happens in 16 days, but I'm keeping it to myself.


Melissa G. said...

Ahhh! 16 days until WHAT!? You have a lot of curious fans out here! =)

mandiegirl said...

I don't really love the teasing. ;)

Pretty photos!