Wednesday, October 7, 2009

{send me your questions}

A few months ago I invited you, my readers, to comment or e-mail me with any and all burning {or not burning} questions. I wanted to open the door for you to feel comfortable asking what was on your mind. I loved the feedback received from that post and I want to open the floor up again, per say.

Some of you comment on my posts and I'm able to write you back! We go back and forth, having our own conversations, getting to know each other. I love it :) I've come to realize certain topics really encourage certain readers to comment. That is pretty neat. Gussy loves that :)

If you've never commented before, please know I read them all and invite you to. Besides, if you never comment then I can't find your blog to say hello back! :)

Maybe you'd like a sewing book recommendation? Maybe you want to know how I pick my fabric? Maybe you want to know what color my eyes are. {They're blue, by the way ;) } Maybe you want to know how I started sewing, who taught me, or how many kids I have. I better stop before I ask myself all the questions!

So, I'd love to welcome your questions. Leave a comment, write me an e-mail, or find me on Etsy and send me a convo. How cool would it be if YOUR questions took the lead in the next few blog posts?

{By the way, no babes for us. For now.} :)

Speaking of mail, I am off to the post office today to mail out a bag full of Gussy items! A big THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who participated in the 20%-off sale! It was super great packaging everything up last night. I'm noticing very fast that although I don't have quite the amount of time to sew like I used to my sales have dramatically increased. {Yeah, they have been sassy lately.} I'm averaging one sale a day... that may seem minute to you but to me it's a great mountain I've climbed :)

OH MY GOSH! I have one more thing to share: I read on Twitter today that Etsy is coming to Minneapolis next week! How awesome is that?!?! I'm so pumped!!! I'm totally going to this event, it's just a few blocks from where I work!!! :)

If you're nearby and could come, here are some stats:

Time: Thursday October 15, 6-9 p.m. Central Time
Location: Nye's Polonaise Room
112 East Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

PS. Today, Zack and I have been married for one year and four months <3


Melissa G. said...

Happy 1 year and 4 month anniversary! =)

I missed your sale ending last night! man!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Okay, so what was the first Gussy you sold? What do you remember about it and how did you react?