Tuesday, October 6, 2009

{tank is running low}

It has taken me forty-five minutes to think of a topic to write about. Yarn? My comfy bed? New sewing projects? Coffee?

The only thing I want to keep in that short list is this photo of yarn. Don't quote me on this, but I may be a bit exhausted to write about anything but the warm color of this yellow skein. OK, you can quote me! I know I am tired. I know I'm wearing myself out. I know I need to figure out a new plan... I just can't figure out what to take out of my daily schedule. When you love many things, how do you remove something?!

Just looking at this image makes me feel good. I hardly know how to knit, yet I knit. I know a few types of stitches and I'm perfectly content with that. A basket sits in my living room and holds warm yellow, variations of purple, and cool gray skeins. I am still working on that cozy for our bookshelf, if anyone is wondering :)

Another things I hardly knew how to do {when I started} was sew. I made a quilt with my mother-in-law and her mom, before Zack and I were even engaged! That was years ago. Honest, it really was. This spring celebrates our sixth year together :)

I pursued sewing like we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. IT WORKED! ha ha. Not too many minutes go by without a thought of fabric, a new idea, or dreaming of the hum of my machine running crosses my mind.

Over the weekend I finished an abundant of sewing projects. For months now I've wanted to have a few work/laptop bags available. I finally made that wish a reality -- and it feels so good! As you know, this past month has been crazy busy for me and Zack. We chose to move hundreds of miles away from our home state to pursue work and the love-hate relationship of being employed. It was the right decision, don't get me wrong. But it also forced me to re-evaluate the way in which I continue my business.

Remember when I confessed I was having a hard time in our new apartment? The lighting for photographs wasn't the same, I missed our red front door, and I couldn't figure out a way to wake rested, work all day in an advertising agency, come home and make dinner, clean up, sew, spend time with Zack, stay in touch with family and friends, relax on my awesome red couch, and then go to bed.

My life changed drastically on August 26th when I accepted a job a Carmichael Lynch.



Since our move -- since my tears over poor lighting, I have figured a few more things out to keep on keepin' on. Over the weekend I put to test my new strategy for sewing. Zack helped me to find a new set-up for photographs {which I love!}, and I reached my goal of listing an armful of work/laptop bags. Plus seven zipped pouches. Didn't mean to leave the pouches out...

So. Kinks are constantly being ironed out {tee he he} and Gussy is a happy girl. I put in over 65 hours of work between proofing and sewing this last week, and I need to type this: I am tired.

I realize it isn't good to wear myself this thin, but..

But it is worth it.

Having this business is a great, great, great, great, great blessing and it fills my I-have-a-purpose-in-this-world" tank like no other "thing" can.

My one year of sewing anniversary is coming up in November. Gosh, one year already? :)

One day I hope to learn how to knit in a more advanced way, just like I've done with sewing. A little bit random now: I love these cute knit friends. Let's look at a few because they are light on the eyes, mind, and soul :) All things to help me relax...

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Melissa G. said...

Those monkeys are so cute, bright and cheerful! I'd love to learn how to knit better too!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

You just keep on sewing and knit when you can...you have a gift :) and I'm enjoying it. Most importantly get some rest and have a great Tuesday.

Lory said...

I love your new stuff!! Gosh, you are busy girl... sounds like a vacation is in order? You deserve it! I'm glad that things are working out so well for you guys. It seems like your husband is incredibly supportive and encouraging. That makes all the difference, right? =)

Maggie, this if for you...

Jacky said...

Maggie, don't wear yourself too thin! We need your lovliness to brighten our days...oh, wait. Maybe it's just me that needs that. =)

Seeing that yarn picture makes me happy! I'm not much for knitting, but I love to crochet. I'm working on a granny square blanket (my "specialty") right now--only one skein left! After that, I think I'm going to make blankets for my future mother/sisters-in-law for Christmas presents. Have to start early! =)

Jenny G said...

I sooo have a book at home that I am going to recommend to you! I feel like I wear myself thin, but I couldn't ever figure out just what I needed to do about it!
The Worn Out Woman: When Life is Full and Your Spirit is Empty
By: Steve Stephens, Alice Gray...I'm only on about the 3rd chapter, but I can tell it's going to be good!

Candice said...

I love the monkeys!!! I think I need to look into knitting after my Christmas projects are complete! :)

Penelope Anne said...

I taught myself to sew when my daughter was born and fell completely in love - head over heels - so I understand what you're saying. I took my first knitting class last summer and Im still plugging away at it - it still does not come easy to me though. Your lap top bags are STUNNING - SERIOUSLY! You've adapted well to changing surroundings! Your a beacon of inspiration! XO