Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{this is sew good.}

OK, time to come clean with ya'll:
I love to sew. Oh yes, absolutely, oh-my-gosh fall-in-love LOVE TO SEW. Even on my worst day I am having a great time sewing.

Is that even a surprise to anyone?!

I go in my little room, the "den" of our apartment, and I just sew away. Some times I pray while I'm sewing. Sometimes I think of where I'd like Gussy to go. Most times I just sit and literally bask in the song my sewing machine sings. I love to sew.

My sewing room holds many special things: a Paul Frank cork board {loveeee Paul Frank!}; a picture of my nephew, Collin -- some of his Thomas the Train fabric is
tacked on there, too. A painting made by my blog friend, Lindsay. Some Willow Tree angels, some candles, my sewing machine that was once Zack's grandma's. A table from the house we lived in in Michigan {whoopsy}, and, ya know, other special things.

The point is that my sewing room has special things that make me feel happy.

However, I feel like I'm losing my mind.


Because I had 7 sales today, and 4 yesterday. {Yeah!!!} And guess what... seven is a holy number. Just saying it out loud {err, typing}. I am 199% sure God knows my desire with sewing. I remember back in the spring, I finally had consistent blog hits every day. Then from May to June my blog hits doubled. They doubled again from September to October. And now November is already higher in blog hits than October was.

And... From last November to this November my blog has grown 266%. Nice job, guys! :)

If you are reading this post, I thank you.

Ohhh LORD, I think my dreams are coming true.

And I think I'm gonna have to dance!!!!! A stand-on-my-bed-and-then-jump-up-and-down kind of dance! Say it with me: YEOW! :)

I am so pumped.

Earlier I emailed Zack and the first thing I typed was "eeeeek!"

Every sale means so much to my 'lil Gussy heart. My Gussy items are like little babies to me... {Never mind, that sounds weird.} Yesterday I tweeted that over the weekend I listed 19 items. HELLO! I've sold 12 items since then.

Ummm, time to sew?!


So yesterday afternoon I cut and ironed enough materials for 17 more items. Yesss ma'am. Gussy is workin' The Sweat Shop on overtime. Don't tell my boss. {She'll just go jump on the bed.}

Want to see what I did???

Everything is ironed, pressed, and organized into little groups. I am so ready to sew. Sew ready. So ready. Those pictures may not look like much, but I tell you, you're looking at 17 ready-to-sew items: wallets, laptop bags, zipped pouches {Lovely Gus and Skinny Gus}.

Oh wait, also on that table is a small stack of custom orders. So it's likely I worked on 23+ items yesterday.

After sewing all day, I cooked dinner and cleaned it up. Since Zack worked until 9 pm I decided he could watch his cowboy movie {and wear his cowboy hat} and I'd do the dishes. Awww. Wife-of-the-year :) And now I'm in so {sew} much trouble for sharing that fact. hah.

So. Thanksgiving is Thursday. Friday is another featured artist post. And I just might do a Gussy giveaway on Wednesday. Tomorrow.

Say what? ;)


Melissa G. said...

Congratulations on all those sales!!! That's awesome! You're right, God does know our desires and dreams... He's the one who gave them to us! And He will lead you where He wants you to go. Just keep your focus on Him.]

Ohhh, yippee! A Gussy giveaway is coming our way! I'll be back! =)

Jacky said...

Oh Gussy, I am {slightly} jealous of your Etsy success...but you have definitely earned it! I am so excited for you and where Gussy may be heading!

And guess why I'm also SUPER excited? Because I have my very own Gussy coming to me soon!!! Yay!! Hey, that means now I have TWO Gussy's...well, lucky me. ;)

Jacky said...

And because you are so fun, I'm passing on an award to you... ;)


Michelle said...

You rock, my dear!!

KatieLeigh said...

Maggie, my dear...you are amazing! I love that you are seeking God in your sewing adventures :) Keep working hard and you will be rewarded <3 Katie

mandiegirl said...

LOVE it! :) You're just too cute!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

I keep wishing you many more sales...I love sharing the Gussy.

Melissa said...

I'm loving your success!! As soon as I get me a laptop, I'm totally getting one of those fabulous laptop bags you make! I love them! Congrats on everything!!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Congratulations on all of your success!! I'm happy for you! : )

Peach Rainbow said...

i am happy for you!

Jenn Bull said...

I am so excited for you! It seems like I found you right before you "took off" and I look forward to taking the ride along with you and seeing where it lands!