Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{silly boy + a surprise!}

Almost two years ago I was finishing up my final semester of college. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University. I majored in my two FAVORITE areas: journalism and art. I love, love, love to write and dabble in photography. My Etsy shop has been a great way to showcase those talents, but we're not talking about Etsy in this post. Well, don't hold me to it, but this is supposed to be a story about college. College stories are great, aren't they? Recall my January post, titled {I'll just take my couch and MOVE OUT!}? Yes, that was one of those great college stories.

Get on track, Gussy.

OK. Ahem. During my final semester of college I had a photojournalism course for my journalism major. I had to do a photo story as the final project and it could be on ANYTHING I wanted. This is one of those rare moments in college when a professor gives his students free will to do a project entirely on what THEY want to do -- and have it be a successful decision. Most of the time nothing is accomplished... there is no self-motivation... you know what I'm trying to illustrate.

So, photo story. My topic of choice. Yessssss :)

I went to a local preschool and found the most adorable little girl that was born deaf in one ear. She has a few brothers and they were born with the same syndrome. While I was working on the project {I went to the preschool about twice a week for a few weeks} a lot of the other chicklin's became very interested in why I was there. There was one boy in particular that loved my camera.

One day I was going through my pictures for the photojournalism project and I came across this series. I about peed my pants. Take a look for yourself:

I should have just turned in these pics and hoped to get a good grade. No... I wouldn't have done that. Allison had a cuter story to tell :)

Don't you love when life gives you GREAT things like this to smile and remember for the rest of your life? I will forever keep these images. I love them... I can only imagine the unique captions that you could put with each picture. Go ahead and try ;)


Looks like I have a little surprise that is ready to be revealed. Remember a few days ago I posted these pics?

Look what Gussy has put together. It's a special wallet reserved for our wedding photographer Mandy Gould:

If something custom like this interests you, PLEASE contact me :) I love doing custom orders!!!


ZWhit said...

that boy = collin. Or at least similar to him.

This bag is another of the top crafted items from the Sweat Shop.

Staci said...

haha boys are sooo cute when they are that age...then they go and get all