Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{a peek into our home}

We moved into our apartment
{from Detroit to Minneapolis} four weeks ago yesterday. My goodness! Some days it seems like just yesterday; other days it seems like we've been here for a lot longer. There are great pros to Minneapolis, just like there are cons to not living in Michigan. Today I'd like to focus on all things positive.

There are a lot of things going on with sewing, Gussy, and our new lifestyle. I have to work a lot harder to keep things going forward. When we lived in Michigan, I sewed full-time. I blogged full-time. I was able to put in hours and hours and hours into this business.

Nowadays I have to find other {creative} ways to keep it going. There are a lot of sales and other events going on to help me with that.


I'm having a sale: 20%-off, refunds via PayPal.

There, I told ya ;)

Other events = two giveaways: here and here. Both ladies hosting are fun, creative, and full of spunk. I love to read their blogs because I look forward to their inspiration, laughter-causing, and creativity.

{I know I'm getting off-track here.}

{But this is my blog.}

te he he :)

After seven months without a "job", two weeks living in another state, and an entire month of zero sewing, my life officially changed. We moved 13 hours away, live in an apartment instead of a house, and I now have limited hours where I can sew, blog, photograph, cook, dream, and be sassy. Sigh. See? My life has changed. BUT I WILL NOT BE CHANGED!!! I have to adapt, and adaptation means coming up with a new game plan so I can continue my Gussy success.

You should see me argue with myself {or Zack} only to realize I was right {or Zack}.

Certainly there are other things I do besides sew and talk {but not much, OK? Not much.} I knit, talk on the phone {see? more talking!}, work, ride the city bus while struggling to not laugh, stare/eavesdrop or miss my stop. I also like to make up new phrases, like:

When worse comes to shove, and Spilled the juice {instead of beans}.

If none of that makes sense to you, understand you haven't missed much. Really. Not too much.

Honest, I'm trying hard to reel this back to a point.


My life has changed. Change can be good. Gussy isn't the same as it was back in November when I sewed my first stitch on my vintage sewing machine. But I believe Gussy today is better than the Gussy nearly one year ago.

With all of this change comes a new normal. I'm going to have to struggle through it and find a way to make it work. I know {and God knows, too} there is a way to make it all work. I bought some fabric over the weekend and made it work into this:

Dear Neighbor,

I'm not sure what you're doing, but please stop hammering on your floor.


Earlier I typed, Today I'd like to focus on all things positive. Back to that thought. Below are some pictures of our new home. Are you ready to see them? They are all things positive, warm, comforting, and family-filled.


Super awesome bookshelf holding all things super awesome:

.baby palm tree, a plant split between my maid of honor and me
.wedding pictures
.decanter from Zack's grandfather
.books, cookbooks, and coffee table books
.pottery made back in my college girl days ;)
.family pics
.my grandmother's teacups

My lovely, lovely, lovely red textured couch.

I love this couch.

My parents used it when they were first married. It then followed me to college, to my first apartment upon graduating, and now our third home together as hubb + wife.

Remember when I took this couch and moved out?
That was a red hot, sassy day.

This yellow blanket is a bridal shower gift from mama Gus. It's from our favorite store in Lansing, MI -- October Moon. I picked the color and texture of the blanket because I knew it'd be beautiful draped over our couch. Or even on the floor in a frumpy hump. {Just being honest!}

This antique turquoise swivel chair is from my mother-in-law. She found it, thought it would look great with our couch, and gave it to us. It's amazing and served as my Etsy backdrop for many photos. I hope to bring it back to the scene!

Before our lease ended in Michigan, Zack and I spruced up the two end tables. We put a white wash on them one hot Sunday afternoon... our first decorating project together. Aside from painting the house in Michigan.


If you'd call that an us project ;)

Bed frame + little bird lamp + textured white throw blanket = happy Gus!

engagement picture + bird pretty + wedding collage + Ikea plant = happy Gus!

see my wedding bouquet?


What are some positive things in your life and home?

I encourage you to make them focus points in your home to
so you can remember the positive memories and meanings they bring.


Three things {remember how it takes me 15 minutes to say Goodbye?!}

.20%-off Etsy sale
.giveaway #1
.giveaway #2


Bye! :)


Kate said...

I love, love, love your bedframe! It is beautiful! We're in the market for one but haven't wanted to put down lots of dollars on one, so we're scoping out Craigs List for a while... boo. I so wish I had a fancy one like you!

Jacky said...

Gussy, I loved that there were 3 blog posts and 2 newsletters yesterday--so fun!

I LOVE your bedframe!! It is just lovely. I live at home with my parents, being only 18 and not going to college, but the positive is that I am redoing my room! We went to Target and got a bunch of stuff on sale, so it was much less expensive than it could have been. We are painting in 2 weeks! Very exciting, considering I've had the same pink-orange-purple-yellow bedspread for about 7 years...and my mom picked that out. =)

Happy Tuesday, Gussy!

ZWhit said...

Very cool Maggs. Two things to note: painting was totally and us project ;) ;)

and remember our have a good day kiss this morning? You should blog about it.

Megs said...

whoa where'd you get that bed frame? it is gorgeous!!

Melissa G. said...

Hi there, your apartment is really cute! It looks like you are settling in and making the space your own. Moving is hard and sometimes it takes a while for the new place to feel like home.
I'm enjoying your blog. It's my first visit!